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I made this website to properly list off mass shootings. Most websites and archives do not use proper definitions, either defining a mass shooting as any event where shots are fired or events where a few people are injured. I intend on using the definition provided by the Washington Post and the ABC News report "Behind the Bloodshed": an incident where four or more people are killed, including familial killings. For the sake of it, I decided to add some spree shootings and home invasions and included the perpatrator in total deaths. However, I did not include work-related or political riots/massacres or gang-related murders.

Note: If the deaths of perpatrators makes up the majority of death counts, I did not include them. For example, the Marin County Civic Center attacks. There were four deaths, three of them being the attackers. I decided against including this or similiar attacks.

Shooting that took place outside of the United States will be added later in the year.

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